15 Adventure Films To Watch

I read an interesting blog post a while ago now by @AdventureBlogUK that recommended 8 of the best adventure films on Netflix. I decided to make a list for you my lovely readers to inspire you. If you are a keen adventurer like me then you might like these for some ideas of possible future adventures or activities you could try.

If you are not a keen adventurer you can watch and enjoy them from the comfort of your sofa and feel adventurous at least when viewing them. Either way, there is something for everyone on my 15 adventure films to watch.

Netflix (UK)

Losing Sight of Shore - Sailing. Rather them than me. I love the sea but I am not a boat person. It is an incredible docu-film about 4 women who set out to row across the Pacific Ocean. The adventure will cover 8,000 miles and take over nine months at sea which will test their physical and mental wellbeing to the limit.

I love the word clouds they have in the cabin of the boat so look out for them. I can appreciate the enormity of the challenge and am in awe of their achievement. I started with a ‘what ever’ attitude but ended with ‘oh my days wow. Just wow’.

Under an Arctic Sky - More sea but this time surfers. Another activity that has never particularly appealed to me but I can appreciate the skill involved and understand the draw that surfing has on those that enjoy it.

The docu-film follows a group of surfers who travel to a remote corner of Iceland in the middle of winter to find their perfect wave. Coincidentally, or planned I am not sure, the worst storm in a decade hits which proves life-threatening for the team. There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

Straight off it reminded me of the fiction film Point Break, but this was an incredible surfing documentary. Insane, but incredible.

The Dawn Wall - I am not a climber but liked this film’s look more than boats and sea adventures. It follows the free-climber Tommy Caldwell as he attempts to scale the Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

I think he is mad to climb without ropes or any safety set up but also admire his sheer determination to attempt something that looks utterly impossible to most, including seasoned climbers.

I was particularly moved by the fact he waited for his climbing mate and they refused to give up on each other. The level of commitment was inspirational and reminded me of the fictional film Vertical Limit. Whether fact or fiction it shows the importance of a good team and friends.

Mountain - Narrated by William Dafoe. Breathtaking footage with superb orchestral music. You do not need to like either mountains or music to appreciate the fabulous film making that went into this work of art telling the story and fascination that we humans have with conquering the world's tallest and toughest peaks.

It is not just climbers that are filmed but mountain and trail bikers, skiers, snowboarders and base jumpers.

A definite must-see for the adrenaline junkies

Born of fire, born of force, mountains move. They are the symphony of the earth. A rhythm of uplift and erosion that makes not waves of water nor sound but waves of stone.

Amazon Prime (UK)

Ouray 100 - Ultra runners and athletes. High altitude, long-distance, 100 miles, mountain racing at 42,000ft. "Guts and determination or mental issues, maybe a combination of both."

Proving that planning and preparation are vital. Know the course before you start. "Ultrarunning is doing something that is on the brink of impossible." How far can you push yourself to hell and back without quitting? That is Ouray 100.

Running for Good - Marathon De Sables, the toughest foot race on earth. 230km over 5 days across the North African Sahara Desert. The only race where you need repatriation insurance in case you don't survive the race.

Day 1 - 30.3km in 10 hours.

Day 2 - 39km in 11.5 hours.

Day 3 - 31.6km no time limit given.

Day 4 & 5 - 86.2km in 36 hours.

Day 6 - 42.2km no time limit given.

This film follows an ultra runner Fiona Oaks. An incredibly inspiring woman that has no right knee cap. As a middle-aged woman myself with arthritis and hypermobility syndrome that causes my knees to dislocate as I have no supporting ligaments, I struggle to even walk let alone run.

Fiona defies medical recommendations and pushes her self beyond human limits to complete extreme races on every continent in the world to raise awareness for a Vegan lifestyle and to raise funds for her animal sanctuary.

This was by far my favourite of all the films.

47 Below

The Pink Polar expedition and world record attempt. A documentary film following an Australian amateur explorer and his solo, unsupported adventure to reach the South Pole. I know I have used the term 'insane' several times already but this one was the ultimate line between bravery and insanity, even if it is for a charitable cause.

Amazon (paid)

I have not watched these yet but they are on my recommended list and I will update this post when I have seen them.

  • Free Solo

  • Into the Wild

  • The Barkley Marathons


Fish People - 6 lives transformed by the sea.

  1. A freediving spearfisher.

  2. Surfer

  3. Extreme Ocean Swimmer

  4. Oceanic Photographer

  5. Child surfing prodigy

  6. Body Surfer

NOT on Netflix, Amazon or YouTube in the UK.

I have not found a source for these films, but they have been recommended to me, so if you know how to watch them please do comment below or get in contact with me.

  • Iron Cowboy

  • Kim Swims

  • Made to be Broken

  • The Horn

Over To You

Now it is your turn to share with us your recommendations or your reviews on any of the films mentioned if you have already seen them.

I know there are a lot more adventure films available so we would love to hear your thoughts. You can comment below with your thoughts or find us on social media @AdventureAccess using hashtag #AdventureWild.

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