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15 Surprising Survival Facts You Need to Know

Updated: Apr 7

I saw this thread on Reddit r/AskReddit and thought it would make a great blog post for fun and for reference. It is an interesting thread about various survival facts that you may not know and probably should.

I have researched these and confirmed them to be true. Hopefully, you will never need to use any of these but you can impress your friends with your survival knowledge and know-how from the following 15 surprising survival fact you need to know.

1. The STAR symbol on the lift panel indicates the floor that is the most direct route to get outside in an emergency. The star symbol is for visually impaired people and is often included in the ground floor button to indicate the main entrance level.

2. Dandelions are completely edible. The leaves, flowers and roots are all safe to eat. You can add young leaves to salads or cook like spinach. The flower petals are also a good addition to salads, pancakes, omelettes and risottos. You can even make a caffeine-free coffee substitute by roasting and grinding the plump roots.

3. I had to research this one and Mr AA confirmed it to be true too from his ex-army days. So I have learned something new that cold and dry is better than hot and sweaty. I have always hated the cold but maybe now, not so much.

4. Know your cacti, it could save your life. Mr AA and I are planning the possibility of a trip to Santa Barbara and Las Vegas one day soon. I have a cousin who lives there and can put us up, we just need to get saving.

5. A whistle is a cheap and highly effective survival tool.

6. I agree that putting water or ideally ice on your pulse points will help cool you down. Your pulse points such as your wrists and sides of your neck are ideal as here the blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin which is why you can feel your pulse, therefore ice at these points will cool you more quickly. However, sweat needs to evaporate to provide cooling so if you get too wet you risk hidromeiosis. This is when sweat pores become blocked, which makes you even hotter.

I discuss more about how we lose heat from our wrists in my post about why you should wear Hiking Mitts which you can read here.

7. My advice is not to get into a position where you could fall from a ship. The chances of being saved at slim at best. Please, always be careful.

8. The only thing I can take from this is to always be prepared to fight a naked man and pray you never have to or be prepared to be the first to strip perhaps.

9. Having an emergency kit in your car is not being over cautious. Even in the UK, the weather can change quickly. Here in Wales, we joke but it is not uncommon to get all four seasons in one day. Yes, really! At a minimum keep a blanket in your car, especially during the winter months, and ideally pack a torch, dry clothes and food rations too.

10. On our Reconnect With Nature page, I set out how to Wild Camp and what you need. One of the points is clearly, Socks. Lots of socks, take more pairs than you think you will need. Never take your feet for granted.

11. Electrolytes are often forgotten and play a key role in proper hydration.

12. My Wild Camping board on Pinterest has lots of useful tips and tricks for outdoor adventure and survival.


13. This is indeed one hack we use ourselves. Fun fact: You can also put it outside for your wild garden birds to take as they love it for lining their nests.

14. This is also a true fact and can be a useful substitute if you do not have dryer lint.

15. Last but by no means least or even save the best for last. Remember: Shelter; Fire; Food. The Rule of 3: You can last about 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and roughly 3 weeks without food.

Over To You

If you would like to follow the original thread that I took this list from you can see it here. There are lots more tips on the thread and I would love to hear your top survival hacks too. You can comment below or tag me on social media @AdventureAcces and use the hashtag #AdventureWild.

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