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30 Days Wild

Updated: Mar 29

Every June The Wildlife Trusts launches their annual 30 Days Wild challenge. The idea is to do something wild every day during June.

This year has added complications thrown into the mix as many of us still face restrictions to our everyday life with lockdown and social distancing but I think this adds to the excitement of finding new and inventive ways to get involved and #AdventureWild.

Taking part can be an individual or family event and I am sure you can think of lots of ways to get involved but if you would like some ideas, I have put together a handy list of 30 fun wild activities.

30 Wild Ideas

  1. Photograph the plants and wildlife in your garden.

  2. Make a bug hotel.

  3. Camp out in your garden.

  4. Make a collage picture of leaves and other items you can find in your garden.

  5. Garden treasure/scavenger hunt.

  6. If you feed your garden birds spend a day noting down all the birds that visit your feeders.

  7. If you don’t feed your garden birds you could start and even build your own bird feeder.

  8. Go on a local walk around your village and note down any wildlife or flowers you see.

  9. Plant some seeds or make a small veg garden.

  10. Make a hedgehog house ready for the winter.

  11. Wildlife Yoga (see below).

  12. Have a picnic in your garden or local park.

  13. Rock painting.

  14. Sticks and String for weaving.

  15. Plant some Bee flowers. They particularly like yellow and purple.

  16. Chalk drawing on the driveway or walls.

  17. Outdoor games like Ring Toss.

  18. Get the paddling pool out or hosepipe fun.

  19. Build a small pond or water feature.

  20. Make a fairy garden.

  21. Make tea light holders from your recycling tin cans.

  22. Make bunting for the garden.

  23. Make a bubble blower from a metal clothes hanger and bubble mixture from water and washing up liquid.

  24. Raid your CD collection to make sun catchers.

  25. Make a den using garden chairs, pillows and sheets or turn your trampoline into a fort.

  26. Discover a new local walk or path that you haven’t explored before. Google maps can help you find new places.

  27. Have a go at drawing or sketching a picture of your garden or go to the local park with paper and pencils or paints and draw a landscape picture.

  28. Take paper and pencil and do some bark rubbing drawings.

  29. Walking bingo. Make up a bingo board of things to spot when out on a local walk.

  30. Flower pressing using flowers from your garden. Leave wildflowers for the animals that use them for food and for everyone to enjoy.

Take 5 to reconnect with nature

Ideally every day but at least once a week take a moment to reconnect with nature and take a few minutes to think about:

  • 5 things you can see

  • 4 things you hear

  • 3 things you can feel

  • 2 things you can smell

  • 1 thing you can taste

You will be surprised how refreshing and rejuvenated you will be.

Wild Woodland Club

If you have a Pinterest account you can access more ideas and inspiration to reconnect with nature and #AdventureWild.


If you do not have Pinterest and would like more help with any of the ideas suggested or perhaps you have some different ideas, I would love to hear from you. You can find me on social media as @AdventureAcces and join the discussion using #AdventureWild and #30DaysWild.

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