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6 Top Tips to Reconnect with Nature

Updated: Jun 5, 2020


by Carolyn Strand.

I am a freelance digital marketing specialist and I mainly work from home running my own business. Even before I had my own business, I was mainly home-based and have worked this way for over 15 years. I understand the less than conventional ways we tend to work from home, the number of balls we have in the air and how it is more difficult to ‘leave the office’ of an evening or just for a break. Today, the challenge of maintaining clear thought, refreshing the senses and concentrating is greater than ever.

Taking aside the obvious benefits of holidays and weekends, connecting with nature daily is known to help with stress, depression, illness, heavy workloads and family life. Here are some top tips for grabbing yourself a little beneficial time with nature every day.

Actively Observe

The next time you break for a cuppa – take that drink outside. Whether you are urban, suburban or out in the countryside, nature is all around you. Listen for the sounds of nature over and above the traffic, observe how the leaves on a tree move, what’s flying through the sky. In a town, seek it out in what the weather is doing and how it affects your surroundings. Just focusing on nature for a short time will quieten your mind and give your brain a break.

Bring Nature to Your Desk

If you are having a great time at the beach one weekend, pick up a pebble or some sand in a jar to take home (just something small, we don’t want to cause beach erosion here) and put on your desk. A leaf from a tree following a walk in the park, shells from a holiday, pine cones from the woods. Having something like this on your desk or in your work area gives you something to flit your eyes towards when thinking and from the association with a pleasurable moment, will have a calming and happy effect.

Marvel at The Morning

Wake up and look out of the window, preferably open the window and take in all the colours, textures, sounds and shapes of nature around you. Notice the weather and the natural world around you for a grounded start to your day.

Get Down to Earth

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, kick off those shoes and get your feet connected with the ground! Walk on the grass in bare feet and truly notice how it feels and notice how each step connects with the Earth.

Once Around the Block

We’re not talking about a hike or a marathon run here – just an active walk around the block consciously looking out for nature and taking in what you find is a great rejuvenator on a work-packed day. Do it every day or a few times a week and you will notice what is changing in nature around you and it only needs to take 5-10 minutes!


The day is over, maybe you have had to work late (again!). Give yourself a de-stressing moment to go outside and look at the sky. Even in light-polluted cities or cloud cover you can still see the sky – see what’s moving up there, take in the size of the universe and how you are part of it. If you can see the stars, marvel at them, the universe and all its possibilities!

About the Author

Carolyn Strand is a Digital Marketing specialist and Managing Director at C J Strand Ltd.

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