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Alphabet Travels A to E

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Alphabet Travels A to E

Everyone knows the classic tale, Around the World in 80 Days. Well, we are going around the world in 26 letters. Welcome to our first instalment of Alphabet Travels Around the World.

We got this awesome idea from a Twitter Chat that was all about travel, with the questions and answers using only certain letters of the alphabet. It was a great chat, loads of fun and we thought would make for an epic blog topic. So here we are.

Over the next few posts, join us on our travels around the globe and we would love for you to join in with your own adventure tales.

A is for Australia

We have been lucky enough to visit three times. All three times have been to Perth, Western Australia and our second visit also included a fortnight in Sydney, on the East coast too. Perth is without a doubt my most favourite city. Kings Park is just breathtaking, with so much to see and do. A full day out in itself. The treetop walkway is an absolute must. The weather is obviously a big factor too as I love the sunshine and warmth. We spent three years trying to emigrate but unfortunately could not raise the funds needed and we moved to South Wales, UK instead.

B is for Barcelona

Owen: A truly beautiful and historical city. Great food outstanding beaches and cheap drinks! Whether you are a football fan or not a must-see is the Nou Camp Stadium and religious or not check out some of the cathedrals. The architecture is magnificent. A great place to go absolutely loved it and will go again.

Claire: On our brief visit to Barcelona, we walked the length of Las Rambla as the street cafes were just opening. The hustle and bustle starting to build. Lift your head up from the street. The history is all around. Walk off Las Rambla just a few streets away and the real Barcelona is waiting to be found. From the historic food market with the colours and smells beyond imagination. The winding streets with many little craft and artisan shops. Back to the marina and the modern contrast of the new shopping mall over the footbridge. The Olympic park a cable car ride up the mountain will be done on our return visit.

C is for Cumbria

A stunning part of the UK. Cumbria was our first family holiday when our boys were small and it will also be our most memorable. I have always camped from when I was a young child with my own parents and siblings, we had this huge 6 berth canvas frame tent that was an absolute nightmare to put up and felt like it took half the holiday.

I possibly exaggerate just a little, but I knew when we were planning our first camping we wanted a tent that was easier and more lightweight to put up. What we got was a lightweight and easy fibreglass 6 berth pole tent, so nice a roomy for the four of us and dog.

What we hadn’t bargained for however was a non-waterproof tent. It was not even showerproof.

We arrived at the campsite, set up and had a lovely few days exploring and hill-climbing with the boys. Paddling in Lake Windermere. Memory making days out.

Then a few days into our first week away as a new family, the good old British weather rained. It poured and we were completely flooded through the tent AND the inner sleeping pods. It was so bad we packed up and came home two days early. The tent was so poor we took it to the local tip on the way home.

D is for Denmark

You probably won't believe me but I am telling the truth that we won our holiday to Denmark and no I did not believe it either when we first got the phone call.

I had taken the boys to Legoland, Windsor in 2008 and whilst we were queuing for the Rapids ride there was an advert for a competition to win a holiday to Denmark. It was £1 a text and I have never entered these types of competition before but that day for some reason thought ‘Oh go on’. It was the cost of a lottery ticket back then and I probably won because I was possibly the only one that actually entered.

I thought nothing more of it until the beginning of 2009 when I received a phone call saying we had won the holiday and of course I thought it was a scam but after some conversation and some paperwork sent through by the lovely lady on the call, that I started to believe this might actually be real. We had a stunning week in a self-catering apartment in a beautiful part of Denmark.

E is for Egypt

I was 9 months old when my parents moved from Manchester, UK to Tobruk in Libya.

My father had a teaching post at the local college and although I have no living memory of the two years we spent in North Africa I have many photographs and stories passed to me by my family during the last 40 plus years.

I could speak Arabic before I could speak English and one of the stories I remember most being told, I was playing happily in the hallway of our apartment, my mother came over to see what I was up to as I was happily playing with a new toy or so she thought until she got closer to find I was in fact playing with a live scorpion at the age of 2.

We holidayed from Libya across the border into Egypt where I have visited the Pyramids and Sphinx, yet remember nothing. I have this amazingly deep attachment to the two countries of Libya and Egypt and hope one day in my life to return and form lasting memories of my early childhood life.

Your Stories...

Well, that's it for our first instalment. We hope you have enjoyed your trip across three continents from Europe to Africa to Australia. Can you add to our letters A to E? Where are the places you have been and travelled to? We would love to hear your stories and share your photos on social media tag us @AdventureAcces and use #AdventureWild.

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