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Alphabet Travels F to J

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Alphabet Travels F to J

Welcome to the second instalment of our 26 letter adventure Alphabet Travel series. Our first one was immensely popular thank you. If you missed our first travel diary you can catch up on our A to E Adventures here. We have received lots of feedback and input for this post and we love all your travel adventures. Thank you to all our contributors.

F is for Fremantle

The Port of Fremantle in Western Australia is located at the mouth of the Swan River outside of Perth. It is truly one of my most favourite places in the world. I think it is the age and history of such a beautiful historic town with stunning architecture.

I adore the old-fashioned market type streets and small businesses rather than a bustling city metropolis that you would think of in Sydney or London or even Perth centre itself. One of the absolute must visits is a tour of the World Heritage site Fremantle Prison.

It wouldn't necessarily be on most people's top choice list, but trust me it is absolutely worth the time. If you are remotely into sports and even if you are not, I also implore you to check out the Fremantle Dockers, Aussie Rules Football Club. If you can get to a game. Do. I still support the team now from rainy wet South Wales, UK.

G is for Germany

Joan S. Germany is very varied, geographically and mentally. Germany has mountains, lowlands and a coastline on the Baltic and the North Sea, with some beautiful islands.

Tim R. The people of Germany were all very friendly and made me feel welcome from the time I arrived. The things I noticed were the cleanliness of the streets and towns, while still being full and busy, they were well kept. The public transport, from trams to trains to buses were immaculate, a very novel experience for anyone from the UK. A genuinely varied and rich culture, ranging from historical to modern and all very accessible. The variation in landscapes is something that stands out, from rolling fields and forests to bright cities and everything in between. All in all a very memorable trip to a truly wonderful country.

H is for Hong Kong

David S: Hong Kong has an eclectic mix of races, all looking to make their way in life. A land of extremes, the most expensive real estate on the planet but most of the population lives in tiny boxes.

David R: You can't buy cheap electronics, despite what you may think. There are masses of pretty illuminations everywhere. I personally feel that Singapore is a better choice as it has the national orchid collection.

I is for Ireland (Northern)

When we got married in 2000 we didn't have any money. We bought a house, had our first child and paid for a wedding all in one year. We decided to do a backpacking tour of Northern Ireland for our honeymoon. Flying into Belfast then B&B hopping up the middle of the country and back down the east coast to fly home again. It was an awesome experience. We fully recommend a taxi ride tour of the city of Belfast, as 'cabbies' have an encyclopedic knowledge of their area and know all the best bits to take you to. The Giant's Causeway is a must-do tourist stop as well.

J is for Jordan

Dr R: Probably the best known tourist attraction in Jordan is the historical city of Petra; famous for its architecture cut into the rock and known as The Rose City due to the colour of the stone out of which it is carved. The World Heritage Site is accessed via a narrow alleyway which is a lovely walk in itself except you don't realise how much walking you will do getting to the ancient ruins looking around them and then the walk back up. Although the return ascent is gradual, it is long. We never took the horse ride which was highly recommended to us as we felt the impact on the horses was quite cruel, although I can see why they are used. Even with sunglasses, walking sticks and lots of rests, it was hard going. Someone kindly and thankfully helped with our bags.

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