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Alphabet Travels K to O

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Alphabet Travels K to O

Find some inspiration for your wild adventures as we welcome you to our 26 letter Alphabet Travel series, around the world. This is our third instalment where we will be covering letters K-O. You can catch up on on our previous posts Alphabet Travels A-E here and Alphabet Travels F-J here. Thank you to all our contributors for the great feedback and for sharing your own stories and travel adventures, look out for your name below.

K is for Kathmandu

Peter S: Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal located 90 km north of the Indian border. A fascinating place of twisty streets, old buildings, Buddhist and Hindu temples, quaint monuments and hawkers spreading their carpets and displaying their wares to the tourist. It is not a big place but is nestling in the cradle of the surrounding Himalayan mountains with more than 20 peaks over 20,000 feet clearly visible from the city.

Kathmandu city is 4400 feet elevation so the air is brisk and not conducive to fast walking. The temples are fascinating with their myriad of carvings like the Stupas with their giant painted eyes on all four sides (showing that the gods are always watching you). The courtyards are decorated with rows of prayer wheels – you can walk along them and spin them to say a prayer to your favourite god.

I have visited several times and have even been to the top of Everest at least three times.

OK, OK, we cheated – we flew around the top in a little tourist plane but it was a fine clear day and we flew around the very top for about 10 minutes admiring the windswept smooth snow-capped top of it and wondered how anybody could climb those steep slopes particularly when you realise you are 5 miles high in your pressurised aircraft cabin!

L is for Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands extending for approximately 37 kilometres southwest of Inverness. Its surface is 16 metres above sea level. Loch Ness is best known for alleged sightings of the mythical Loch Ness Monster, also known affectionately as "Nessie".

The best way to hunt for Nessie is to take on of the boat trip tours, where you can either sit back and relax on a gentle meander across the Loch or hold on tight with one of the more thrilling rapid rides, the choice is yours. Enjoy the scenery, soak up the area's rich history and happy hunting.

M is for Magaluf

Magaluf is a resort town on the Spanish island of Majorca. It’s known for its lively nightlife and long, fine-sand beach. Bars and cafes line the seafront promenade, which also has a busy jetty. The uninhabited Sa Porrassa island lies just offshore. Theme parks include Western Water Park and Katmandu Park, with its 4D cinematic experiences. Cala Vinyes, to the south, has a sandy beach and Cala Falcó is a secluded cove. An absolute must-see is the phenomenal Pirates Show. An acrobatics entertainment show which makes for a fantabulous family evening.

Ryan S: I remember playing volleyball ball across the beds in the apartment with a beach ball and fell onto one of the shark jaw bone souvenirs. It hurt. The best bit was the tropical storm which was pretty cool, watching all the sun loungers and umbrellas get blown everywhere. The pirate show and the Katmandu house were pretty cool too.

N is for New Quay

New Quay is a picturesque seaside town on the Cardigan Bay coast of West Wales. New Quay was once a flourishing shipbuilding centre and fishing port. Renowned for its golden sandy beaches and sheltered harbour New Quay is beautiful to visit at any time of year and now thrives on its popular tourist trade. It is a gorgeous market town with ice cream parlours you absolutely must try as a dessert after you have indulged in the amazing fish and chips.

Claire R: We love New Quay for its dog-friendly beaches and amazing cliff top walks which give unparalleled views. Dolphins can often be seen off the harbour wall. For the more adventurous you can even do a dolphin watch boat trip along the coast. Something for everyone.

O is for Oldham

Oldham is a town in Greater Manchester, England, amid the Pennines between the rivers Irk and Medlock, 5.3 miles (8.5 km) south-southeast of Rochdale and 6.9 miles (11.1 km) northeast of Manchester. Together with several smaller surrounding towns, it is part of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, home to more than 30 parks and green spaces.

My mother was born and raised in Oldham before moving to Rugby in Warwickshire. I wish I could get her memories of the town as she was growing up in the ’40s, but alas she is the end stages of Dementia and although she may well remember her early life she has no speech now to share her wonderful stories.

Wild Adventures

Now it is your turn. We would love to feature more of your own travel stories. Get in contact with your adventures covering any of the letters, from anywhere in the world. Comment below and connect with us on social media @AdventureAcces using #AdventureWild.

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