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Bushmoot - Bushcraft Core Days

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Core Days

If you have missed our first part of Bushmoot you can catch up on the first few days of the annual bushcraft event. Mr Adventure Accessories also known as WildDunk tells the wild adventure.

Day 3

...owl rap battle last night. 2-hoots Shakur vs. Swivelhead Shady. Not cool guys, not cool. At least it wasn't right over my tarp when the mic was dropped. That would have scared the **** out of me.

Today is the first day of the core week. This week offers a large selection of courses to choose from. Learning new skills, brushing up on old ones, for fun or for leadership training.

Bushcraft Training Sessions

This being my first Bushmoot I went with starter skills in the morning which covered knife safety and making a wedge for splitting wood. Discovered my knife is pretty poor for whittling, but fine for splitting wood. If this doesn’t improve my chances of an upgrade….

One of the features of the central block (where reception/loos/showers/washing up sinks are) is the bring and buy shop. Where you can bring bits you no longer want and browse other campers spares. Some great bargains to be had.

In the evening joined the organised meal of ‘Native American tacos’. It was more flatbread than taco and very pleasant. This with the ‘bring a pot’ meal on Monday (Day 5) are the two communal meals. Great for a meetup and chat with fellow campers.

Day 4

...starving, had to eat another camper just to survive. I think they were vegan because they tasted very vegetably.

Day two of the core week, and had a large number of courses to choose from. I selected to attend navigation in the morning, as I’m intending to teach this myself on our Wild Camp Training sessions.

Primarily discovered that the challenge with teaching navigation is setting it at the right level. Any group will have a mix of experience, and keeping interest of those with the most and least experience will be challenging. The guys running this one had it right, quickly bringing those with less experience up to a level where a map becomes useful.

For the afternoon I caught some of the rocket stoves course. And helped a friend cut down some firewood. Good physical work. Bushmoot has a couple of wheelbarrows you can borrow, they came in very useful to get the wood back to the camp.

Day 5

...forgot razor. Looking like a bear. Which is good because Bushmoot is big on beards.

Today is the traders day. With a large selection of bushcraft goods on offer. From Baskets to leather goods to tools.

My favourite was Chef’s Everything Store. He normally does the bulk buys on the forum so he had a lot of different stuff, almost prepper standard. It was like an army surplus shop of old. Loved it. I could have spent a fortune. Fortunately I didn’t have much money on me so limited myself to a gift for the wife (one of the baskets) and some Fire Dragon gel blocks (the new ‘Hexi’).

I’d heard the dunes and beach to the south were also worth a visit. And it was, the dunes are mostly grassed over except where the incline to too great. The main path has wooden markers to help with navigation in the dunes but I could understand someone getting a little lost. Approx a mile through the dunes you come down onto the beach. With views across to Porthcawl on the right and Tusker rock out to sea.

The evening meal was the communal ‘bring a pot’ meal that everyone contributes to. Some of the dishes were interesting. Given the location the chips were in high demand! The mods had lit a large fire under the parachute beside the main building.This inflated the chute as well as kept everyone warm.

Unfortunately the band that had been booked didn’t show up, so a few went and got their instruments, and a few braver souls sang. Very communal.

Day 6

...so beardy the bears have accepted me as one of their own, I note their table manners match my own. Cwtch from mummy bear was nice.

Last day for me, so packed up nice and early. Hit the showers to make myself presentable again. Left the area I’d camped in as I’d found it. Spent the morning chatting with the guys who gave the navigation courses to discuss lecture structure.

Then with a reluctant heart I said my goodbyes and left the woods. Spending a week in the woods was a very pleasant change from the 9-5. I’ve eaten better, slept better, had a great deal more exercise. But most importantly, I’ve relaxed. Not being on the clock, not being connected (except my choice) altered my perception of time, removed the need to be somewhere at a particular time. I really look forward to next year. Next year will definitely be two weeks.

Over to You...

Are you an off grid groupie or go more for glamping goals? Get in contact with us and let us know your bushcraft and wild camping stories. We would love to feature you on our blog if you have a good one. #AdventureWild

We offer a free resource library for new campers who are looking to reconnect with nature, including navigation skills, leave no trace ethics, kit lists and more. Join today and get free exclusive access to the VIP Club.

Find out more information about the event at: http://www.bushmoot.com/

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