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Earth Day - Fun Travel Chat

Updated: Mar 24

Earth Day 2020

Each year on 22 April the world's population joins together to raise awareness and action on important global issues facing us all and Earth Day is far more than a day. It is a historic moment when citizens of the world rise up in a united call for the creativity, innovation, ambition, and bravery that we need to meet our climate crisis and seize the enormous opportunities of a zero-carbon future.

Earth Day is even more poignant now with the Coronavirus pandemic changing the way we travel and interact.

As you know our ethos of Adventure Accessories is to reconnect you with nature safely and respectfully. I am sure everyone reading this post cares about the environment and our impact upon it.

We wanted to get involved and help raise awareness by having a fun travel chat. Below are the questions posed and our responses. We would love for you to join in too. You can either write your own post, comment below with your answers or tag us on social media to continue the discussion.

What is the most eco-friendly way you have ever travelled?

In my early twenties, I did a coach trip to Fort William in Scotland. And spent a week using public transport to backpack the area and Loch Ness. Much fun, you see so much more and can enjoy the sights if you are not driving.

What is the strangest or most fun overland transportation you have ever tried?

Also in my early twenties, I had an amazing backpacking solo trip to Australia. Okay, the flight was far from eco-friendly, but once there I did all my travelling by public transport. You can read more about that epic adventure in my Backpacking Perth, Australia post.

One of the most memorable adventures I had while there was the coach trip to the Pinnacles desert and part of the day included an incredible 4x4 ride over the dunes. Literally over. It was a truly memorable day.

What is the longest distance you have travelled using only overland transportation?

The longest distance I have so far travelled overland was from Birmingham to Fort William in Scotland on a coach. It took 10 hours including stops along the way and was definitely not the most comfortable way to travel but it was a great atmosphere.

On my bucket list is the dream to travel the iconic Indian Pacific railway from Perth to Sydney, Australia that takes three days.

What mode of travel most surprised you because it turned out much differently than you expected?

Flying is without a doubt my least favourite mode of transportation and was the most surprising as I had been so excited. My backpacking trip to Australia was the first time I had flown and thank goodness the air stewards were so caring. I had to be given a strong sedative that literally knocked me out as I was so violently ill.

It was awful I hate it but worth the pain as I have been lucky enough to visit Australia twice more since and we had a wonderful holiday to Magaluf with help the boys when they were younger.

We are sure someone told you not to go there. But you did. Where? Why? Would you again?

Hubby took our eldest teen on a 2-day hiking trip to ascend Pen y Fan from the south ridge. They were warned that it was dangerous. It has a very narrow ridge with steep sides and the area is prone to high Welsh winds. They went anyway as it was a bucket list challenge to complete.

They did experience some close calls and hubs was almost blow over the edge. Thankfully they had the correct equipment and knew when to stop and rest and wait for a break in the weather. They both said they would definitely do it again.

Mr AA also plans to attempt Snowdon along the treacherous Crib Coch path but I am worryingly reluctant about him doing that trip.

Any transportation issues that you thought you would not survive? We are glad you did. Tell us more.

My parents were stranded in Bangkok when the Iceland volcano grounded flights and there was a bomb explosion at the hotel next to theirs. A scary time that was.

They were also on a separate cruise holiday and got chased by Somali Pirates. My brother, sister and I discussed confiscating their passports.

Y2K, Bird Flu, Zika. What other threats have you survived, at home or while travelling?

I am old enough to remember the panic around Y2K when we all thought planes would fall from the sky and all transportation would grind to a halt. Fortunately, we all survived.

My father had Malaria from travelling as a young man. He was gravely poorly and still gets bouts of illness but he still enjoys travelling now in his 70s.

Any hotel nightmares? You don’t have to name names but pics are welcome. Would you stay there again?

My youngest son was taking part in a medical research study about Autism. We booked a hotel in London. The room was quite drab and dated but it was the mouse traps under the bed that filled us with nightmares. Never to return.

Over To You

Now it is your turn to share with us your Fun Travel Chat stories. You can comment below with your answers or find us on social media @AdventureAccess using hashtag #AdventureWild.

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