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Honey Bee Candles: Beeswax Sparks Review

Updated: Mar 30

Gifted Post - See disclaimer at the end for more details.

Honey Bees Candles

Imagine our delight when we opened an email from the lovely Priscilla, co-owner of Honey Bee Candles.

Priscilla and her daughter Pravana make 100% pure beeswax candles and handmade products. They make fire sparks and fire starters from the leftovers after making Honey Bees candles and beeswax wraps. Priscilla wanted to know if we would be interested in receiving a free sample so that we could review the sparks and starters and let you know what we think.

Priscilla said that she loves the sparks for small fires and the eco fire starters can be used for campfires using bigger logs. She sent me the following information about the products.

Beeswax Sparks (TM)

Made from small bundles of remnants from Honey Bee Candles beeswax wraps, which are wrapped in the shape of a sweet. The sparks only contain beeswax and 100% cotton so are safe near food, non-toxic to the environment and not affected by damp. Each spark burns for circa 15 mins and is great for a Kelly Kettle or fires from small wood.

The Sparks (TM) come in packs of 10 (with or without a container). We have dipped our Sparks (TM) in water, shook them and they have still lit up so great for Welsh weather. Our Eco Fire Starters (TM) (again can be supplied with or without a container) are made from peat-free cups and non-toxic materials.

While not as light as the Sparks it is more effective for a fire made from logs. The Eco Fire Starters (TM) have burnt for circa 25 minutes with a much bigger flame/s. All our products come in non-plastic wrapping even for postage.

First Impressions

When the package arrived from Honey Bee Candles, I excitedly opened the packaging. Inside was a beautifully presented box and branded bag. The box contained a jar of Beeswax Sparks that look liked sweets they were so gorgeous and 3 large Fire Starters that looked like little plants or candles in themselves. Absolutely 10 out of 10 for first impressions.

First Test

We carried out an initial test at Adventure Accessories base camp (aka our back garden). Duncan started prepping some kindling, so it is a good job that one of us can read the well written, detailed instructions that Honey Bees supply with the products. As they clearly state that no kindling is required.

The instructions also recommend that you hold a flame to one end of the Spark for a few seconds until lit, but Dunk wanted to at least try the flint approach. After several attempts, we couldn’t get the Spark to light that way, so we lit is using a lighter as per the instructions and bingo, exactly as suggested. Duncan’s very first remark was how nice the Spark smell was. It lit straight away and burns well, nice and evenly. He commented that it is a good firelighter test using dry wood. We timed the burn and it lasted for the 15 minutes that the instructions suggested.

The flame length suggested to us that the spark would be hot enough to boil water and Honeybees instructions say that they can be used to boil water in a Kelly Kettle. From our test, it did warm the water in approx. 12 minutes, but we felt that perhaps 2 sparks would have been better to get a faster hotter boil. Dunk also noted that the smoke did blacken his container quite a bit, but not worryingly so. The larger eco-friendly Firestarters are perfect for campfires and cooking and we will be writing a more detailed post on those soon.


We were very impressed with the Honey Bees, Beeswax Sparks, and give them a 9/10. Dunk used the remaining Sparks when he adventured Scafell Pike at the beginning of June and completed a more thorough test of the remaining larger Eco-friendly Fire-starters at his two-week camp at Bushmoot. We are definite fans of Honey Bees and feel they are onto a winner with their products. You can buy the Bees Wax Sparks in a jar of 10 for just £5 available on the Honey Bee Candles website now.


Honey Bees Candles were kind enough to provide us with a free sample of their products to test on their behalf. However, this affiliation in no way influenced our opinion of the products tested and we have provided our honest feedback. We will only ever share products that we believe complement the #AdventureWild ethos and will benefit our readers. You can read the full Disclosure Policy here.

Over To You...

Have you tried beeswax candles, fire-starters or sparks? We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Comment below or find us on social media as @AdventureAcces and use hashtag #AdventureWild.

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