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Kayaking at Oxwich Bay

Updated: May 18, 2020

Oxwich Bay

Known as Bae Oxwich in Welsh, Oxwich Bay is a stunning beach area on the south of the Gower Peninsula, Wales, UK. The sandy beach stretches for over 2 miles, featuring sand dunes, salt marshes and woodland. The area is a popular tourist spot where activities such as swimming and water sports including diving, sailing, water skiing and windsurfing can be enjoyed throughout the year. There is a public footpath along the cliffs from Oxwich Bay, around Oxwich Point, and to Port Eynon Bay. Buses run every couple of hours between Oxwich and Port Eynon.

The beach can be quite crowded during the peak holiday season as one of the main facilities is the car park on the beachfront. Allowing easy access for water sports enthusiasts as well as families setting up ‘camp’ for the day.

Access to the car park is gated but open during the season from 8am till dusk although on the day this particular day the warden arrived at quarter past which is Welsh for 8 o'clock. Everything here happens on a ‘now in a minute’ basis.

The warden did say he normally walks his dog at about 7am and lets people in early, but apparently didn't have his key and had to go and get it.

Parking costs £4 for the day with is a bargain for the area, and paying ensures the upkeep of the facilities for long term future use.


Toilets and Shower.

Shop/Cafe open during peak season.

Dogs are welcome all year on leads.


Monday morning arrived at Oxwich Bay car park just before 8am, waited a short while for the warden to open gates. 15 minutes is still 8am, Welsh time. Due to the early hour had sole use of the beach. It was rather windy and waves were quite a swell. The plan had been to kayak out into the bay and fish for a while but didn't spend as long out on the water as planned or get any fishing done as the swell was quite high, so the fish were not biting. It was a good workout instead, keeping the kayak stable on the swell.


@Alpkit 20l dry bag, colour kelp. The dry bag fits perfectly under the bungee rear storage on the back of the kayak. In it this trip was:

Fishing kit

Mobile phone

Car keys

Diabetic test kit

Spare clothes

Drinking water

Food snacks and hypo recovery kit

The roll-top closure makes it quick and easy to gain access to contents. There is no zip to break and provides a reliable barrier to water penetration. Fully taped seams make the bag ideal in scenarios where you are exposed to the worst of the weather. Including spray deck breaking swells out on open water in Oxwich Bay.

Attachment points along the sides of the bags and one on the base make for an incredibly versatile piece of kit. They can be attached to a bike or motorbike or simply left in the boot of your car for storing all your emergency essentials.

Key features

  • 320D TPU Taslan Nylon

  • Flat measurement: 67 cm x 32 cm

  • Rolled length: 56 cm

  • Rolled circumference: 73 cm

  • Weight: 190 g

On return to the car, a nice relaxing mug of hot tea is called for before heading home again. When out and about on a day's hiking or more serious wild camps a must have in any pepper's toolbox is the JETBOIL ZIP COOKING SYSTEM - CARBON | ZPCB PERSONAL COOKING SYSTEM.

A simple and easy-to-use cooking system, featuring the same FluxRing® technology. The Jetboil Zip provides hot food and drinks quickly and conveniently when needed the most. The Zip is so compact and lightweight, it can be kept on hand for day trips close to home and overnight adventures alike.

Over to You

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