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Moon Chase - Book Review

Updated: Mar 24

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Moon Chase Book Review

Author: Cathy Farr

Illustrator: Sam Wall and Alan Marks

Classification: Fiction

Why I chose this book...

It is a fun read from one of my favourite authors. The cover of this book grabbed me immediately. I love dogs as anyone who knows me knows, and aside from the fact a great big gorgeously looking dog is the focal point of the cover, I was also, immediately drawn to the dark foreboding illustration and why on earth there were 2 full moons?

Wil Calloway is a young boy, from a local village. He wakes up one morning and remembers a strange dream he had during the night about Fellhounds. Huge Fellhounds of Thesk, only he is beginning to wonder, was it a dream at all? As the mysteries start to unravel Wil finds himself in a great deal of trouble and he is going to need all the help he can get from the unlikeliest of friends as he takes on Wraithe Wolves and the challenge of staying alive.

What I loved about this book...

Cathy gets you to really know the characters. You become immersed in the story. You feel you are one of the group on the adventure. It hooks you in from the very beginning. I especially loved Tally. I would love to have been her, I have such a vivid picture of how I imagine her to look. I wish I could draw, to be able to show you my thoughts.

The other amazing thing about Moon Chase is that Cathy has spent an inordinate amount of time writing it as a Bridge ReaderTM.

This version of the book bridges the gap between learning to read and reading to learn. It is designed specifically for people (young or old) that experience communication difficulties and helps to improve readers to develop their reading. It is ideal for weaker and improving readers, reluctant readers and those learning English as an additional language.

Cathy is an amazing author and person

Not only is Cathy an excellent author, but she is also an amazing person. I have been privileged to meet her on several occasions and her wonderful Irish Wolfhound Mojo. Which is another reason I love her, as my jack russell is called Mojo too.

Although they are slightly different sized. Cathy loves to take part in school visits with Mojo where she meets with children to help bring her books to life as the fellhounds of her stories are based on her own dogs.

I was honoured to work in a Speech and Language unit that read Moon Chase with the pupils, they were so engaged with the book that we took a section of the story and made it into a play that the pupils then performed for their family, friends, peers and teachers. Cathy came to see it too and it was a wonderful experience that will be a treasured memory of mine always.

I have also read Cathy’s second instalment Moon Crossing and will share that review with you soon. Be sure to sign up for her mailing list so that you do not miss out.

Cathy strongly believes that no child should leave school unable to read. Discover more about her, her dogs and her work at fellhounds.co.uk.

Moon Chase is available to buy in the Books section of my Amazon Shop and you can purchase it by clicking on the image link below.

Over To You...

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