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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Adventure Wild

My new look Adventure Wild blog is now 3 months old and I hope you are enjoying the inspiration so far. We are absolutely loving what we do and the support, engagement and feedback has been overwhelmingly amazing. We simply cannot thank you all enough for being here.

We originally had the idea of calling the blog WildDunk to be named after my husband Duncan known as Dunk. The concept of WildDunk was born out of his passion for wild camping (he is ex-army) with his enthusiasm for escaping his 9-5 office job and bushcrafting at weekends. We joked he is a Bear Grylls, Ray Mears wannabe, off ‘Wild Dunking’ whenever he can get away and the name quickly stuck.

However as much as the name means something to us, we decided that Adventure Wild was a better choice long term as it can cover a wider range of topics and I already use #AdventureWild as a tag on social media.

Nurtured by Nature

I have been camping since I was two years old, along with brownies, guides, Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and as a parent myself. I share how hiking has been a lifesaver to my mental health. Dunk and I have over 40 years experience in camping, hiking, kayaking, and more and we plan to use this knowledge to help others to reconnect with nature.

The aim of our blog, is for Dunk and I to share ideas, inspiration, tips and tricks for enjoying nature including topics of Camping, Hiking, Mountains, Travel and Water.

I have also secured exclusive offers and discounts from several outdoor companies especially for outdoor enthusiasts using our special affiliate links. These affiliate links do not impact the quality or unbiased nature of the content on my website. I will only ever share products that I believe complement the Adventure Accessories ethos and will benefit my readers. If you make a purchase from one of these links I may make a small commission at no additional charge to you.

You can shop online with the best deals for outdoor enthusiasts offered to you by Adventure Accessories affiliate partners.

Reconnect with Nature

Wild camping is all about being unplugged and free. It is about minimalist backpacking. Taking only what you can carry.

Wild camping is about getting away from the 9-5. The excitement of being challenged and tested by nature. Freed from ‘the clock’, time slows and changes shape. Time becomes measured by the next meal stop, next water source, next campsite and next awesome view.

Whether you prefer just a tarp and an army ration meal pack or the comfort of a tent, sleeping bag and stove, or anything in between. Wild camping is about finding your love for the great outdoors while respecting nature and following the leave no trace ethics.

We have created a brand new page on our website to help you reconnect with nature and #AdventureWild. We outline what is wild camping. Explain the leave no trace ethos. Offer top tips on how to wild camp. Your adventure, your way!

Take a peak here...Reconnect With Nature.

Blog Posts

We still have masses of content we want to bring to you. Here is a sneaky peak at some of the topics we are planning to cover in the coming months.

  • Walking The Brecon Beacons - Adventuring 8 Welsh Fans.

  • Alphabet Travels

  • Penllergaer Valley Woods

  • Backpacking Mount Whitney

  • Get Outside Day - OS Maps Mountain Survival

  • Walking for Mental Health

  • Nature Slows Time Down

  • The Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show

  • Walking for Wellness

  • 6 Top Tips to Reconnect With Nature

  • Hiking Safely with type 1 diabetes

  • The Lone Walker

  • Distance Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

  • Hiking C2C for Diabetes

  • Urban Outdoors

  • Getting Outdoors for MH

Is there anything else you would like to see covered. Let us know in the comments below or find us on social media using #AdventureWild.

VIP Club

Join the VIP Club. It is free to sign up and members receive exclusive access to a private resource library with wild camping ideas, navigation skills, leave no trace ethics, kit lists, tips, tricks, offers and 20% off the Adventure Accessories online store. Join today and receive your welcome email with coupon code and access details for the members only area.


Over To You

Do you have a passion for adventure, a yearning to reconnect with nature or are you season campers and adventurers already? We love hearing from you and sharing stories you can join our Wild Camping and Outdoor Enthusiasts group on Facebook, or comment below or find us on social media using #AdventureWild.


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