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What is a Travel Journal and why you should use one?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

What is a travel journal?

What is a travel journal and why do you need one? Read on to find out how a pocket-sized planner will be your best travelling companion.

I have always kept a journal and even in our now ‘tech age’ I still enjoy the tactile process of writing. Adventure Accessories signature Traveller Notebook Journals are beautiful and practical for documenting memories of your travel adventures or for planning future treks.

They also make a fun novelty gift and you can choose a custom lining to create a truly unique gift for outdoor people.

Why you should use one.

Plan and record all your adventures. Travel journals are the perfect way for you to plan trips, jot down ideas for places to see and record the amazing experiences you have had.

A travel journal is a great way to store your memories, mementoes, discoveries, and delights. You do not need to rely on phone signal or wifi, it can be as private or as public as you like.

There is a joy to be had in writing down your thoughts, plans and ideas the moment they pop into your mind. You can take it with you anyplace, anywhere.

Traveller Notebook Journals

Adventure Accessories traveller notebook journals are hand-cut and sewn. They are bound in either black, chocolate brown or dark brown faux leather material or cork fabric with a rainbow fleck and come with a choice of white plain, lined or mixed paper.

The notebooks come with a map lining as standard or you can customise the lining with photos, design or a map of your choice.

They are then finished with a matching wrap tie and are pocket-sized making them perfect travelling accessory gifts for outdoor enthusiasts.

Faux Leather or Cork Fabric blank notebook journal features:

  • Black or Brown leatherette material

  • Hand-sewn binding

  • Map lined or custom

  • 5 sets of inserts, each with 16 pages

  • White Paper, either lined or plain

  • Pocket Size approx. 18cm x 13cm

  • Matching wrap tie

Creating unique gift ideas.

I love working with customers to create truly unique gift ideas. I have created lots of lovely designs for custom linings and paper insert choices. These are just some of the different linings customers have chosen.

I am planning to introduce workshops soon, to make your own traveller notebooks. I will supply the materials and walk you through the steps to creating your own unique treasured keepsake.

The workshops will be held in various locations across a range of dates to be accessible to as many people as possible. If you would like to attend one of the events you can subscribe to the mailing list and follow on my Adventure Accessories Facebook Page for more details.

Bullet Journalling

Now is a great time to take up a new hobby. In the technical age, we are currently in, it is paramount that we find ways to unplug and the creative arts has proven health benefits. Your new traveller journal is a blank canvas for you to fill however you choose.

You might like to journal all of your thoughts and write at length, this is absolutely fine. Go for it and let your creative thoughts flow. Or you might prefer to use your blank notebook to BuJo.

Be it for taking notes or journaling, studies keep identifying benefits of writing by hand and in the fast-paced world how can we enjoy the benefits of writing while keeping up with the rest of technology?

Bullet Journalling is a way of capturing information as bulleted lists. See BulletJournal.com for more insights and tips.

Even if you can take a moment each day to just write down one positive thing that has happened in your day, no matter how small that is a great start to your journal journey.

Adventure Set

I have teamed up with another Sarah from Nottinghamshire craft house Spratt’s Designs to create an Adventure Set featuring my cork fabric Traveller Notebooks with Sarah's specially designed Activity Stencils. The stencils have a range of activity shapes and ordnance survey map symbols in either Bookmark or A6 Page sizes.

A perfect set to head off on you Adventure travels.

Over to you.

Do you keep a journal? If you are a master of BUJO or simply enjoy the pleasure of keeping a personal memoir or travel journal of your adventures, we would love to hear from you. Comment below or connect with us on social media @AdventureAcces using hashtag #AdventureWild.

Customise and buy your own Traveller Notebook Journal here.

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