Handmade Paracord Bracelet, Funky Festival Colours, Perfect for summer adventures.

Woven Macrame Cobra Weave using 3mm paracord, in Lilac, Pink, Aqua or Gold (Sand). 


Plastic buckle clip fastening. 

3 Sizes available: 18cm, 19cm & 20cm.

Custom requests are welcomed for different sizes and colour combinations.

You can request from 15cm - 23cm and in any colour combination:

Lilac and Pink
Lilac and Aqua
Lilac and Sand
Pink and Aqua
Pink and Sand
Pink and Lilac
Aqua and Sand
Aqua and Lilac
Aqua and Pink
Sand and Aqua
Sand and Pink
Sand and Lilac

Paracord Bracelets are designed to be unravelled and the parachute cord can be used in emergency survival situations. They, of course, do not ever have to be used and are very popular as a fashion accessory, making ideal gifts for outdoorsy people.


Price includes UK postage. Worldwide shipping also offered.

Funky Festival Paracord Bracelet - Aqua


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