Reconnect with Nature

Wild Camping

Wild camping is all about being unplugged and free. It is about minimalist backpacking. Taking only what you can carry and respecting the leave no trace ethos.


Wild camping is about getting away from the 9-5. The excitement of being challenged and tested by nature. Freed from ‘the clock’, time slows and changes shape. Time becomes measured by the next meal stop, next water source, next campsite and next awesome view.


Whether you prefer just a tarp and an army ration meal pack or the comfort of a tent, sleeping bag and stove, or anything in between. Wild camping is about finding your love for the great outdoors and reconnecting with nature. 


We are here to help you find inspiration, ideas, accessories and advice to start your own wild adventure. #AdventureWild 


Learn more about wild camping, the leave no trace ethos and how to wild camp advice. 

What is Wild Camping?

Wild camping can be anything you want it to be. It is about non-commercial, off the beaten track, unplugged camping.


It can be taking only what you can carry on a hike to a car or even motorhome parked up for the night (legally). It is about the freedom to explore and reconnect with nature. 


Wild camping is finding a remote spot, where you can take a break from life and recharge while enjoying all the benefits that nature has to offer. Peace, tranquillity, beauty, wonder. 


Your adventure, your way. Find your wild.

Leave No Trace

Wild Camping is not strictly legal in most areas of the UK, with a couple of exceptions. Scotland has a freedom to roam bylaw and Dartmoor allows wild camping.


However, wild camping is usually tolerated so long as you obey the countryside code, arrive after dusk, leave at dawn and respect the leave no trace ethos. 


We would always recommend you seek landowners permission before setting up camp, so that wild camping can continue to be enjoyed by everyone. We also advise against open fires, unless you are on land with express permission to have fires using pre-dug fire pits.  


We recommend both The Wildman Woods and Lonewolf Campsite, which both allow wild camping.  Contact us for more details.

How to Wild Camp

Shelter- Tent, tarpaulin, motorhome. We make no judgement over comfort. 


Bedding - If you are backpacking you will want lightweight. We suggest you go for a season colder than you plan for.


Stove - We use a JETBOIL ZIP. Lightweight, compact and so quick to boil.


Food - You can buy army style ration packs online or Wayfayrer meals that can be bought in most large camping equipment shops. Noodles, soup, easy to carry, one pot meals.


Water is heavy to carry, even if you stay close to a good clean water source we would recommend boiling any natural water to be sure it is safe to drink.  


Spare clothes and waterproof trousers and jacket.


Socks. Lots of socks, take more pairs than you think you will need.         


Test your kit BEFORE you go. Practice setting up your shelter before leaving. At least make a brew with the stove beforehand. Know how to safely use your kit.    

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